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Ft_printf is about coding our own version of C's stdlib printf. It involved several parser and staging functions to keep the program organized and easy to follow. It challenged me to make and maintain a well organized workflow. More information is found through the Source Code link of this section.

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This is my favorite project to date. Talk about fun! It is also the first project where I had nearly zero help from anyone at any point in the process. Stuck in corona quarantine, I had to do everything on my own. I am extremely happy and proud about that! Full points are awarded if your sorting algorithm can sort a set of 500 unique integers in less than 5500 steps. Mine does it in less than 5000. Click on Source Code to jump to GitHub or click on View Demo to see the algo in action.

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Nothing entirely exciting about this project in general. Part of our programming at school is to develop and use our own functions. For example, we can't simply use strlen in our code so we first have to write our own working version of it. As we progress with more difficult code, we continue to add to our own library of functions, called Libft. That's what this project is all about.

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Fillit was my first group based project. It required us to become more familiar with git version control due to splitting tasks up between 2 people. This project required us to write a program that is similar to tetris. We had to fit pieces into the smallest overall square possible. This project wasn't exactly my favorite but that's because I had just returned from the US after my dad's funeral. Tough times.

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This was our first official project in school and it makes sense to have something like this. It's a refresher from the material we "learned" from the Piscine. Why is that in quotes? Because a fair bit of content in the Piscine was gone over at such a fast pace that not all of it was absorbed. This was the perfect project to drill the content home.